Home Groups

Here is information about the Home Groups on Friday and Saturday morning. You choose one Home Group and you will take part in it both mornings.

Click the titles of each Home Group to read a detailed description and introduction of the Home Group leaders.

  1. Community building with PT – Veronica Needa – UK / Hongkong
  2. Building bridges – Aniko Kaposvari – Hungary / Austria
  3. Playback for Consciousness Raising and Sociopolitical Action – Ben Rivers – UK / Australia / Egypt
  4. Belonging, Playback as a tool for community involvement – Shirley Legum – Israel
  5. Playback as an agent for social change – Pontus Holmgren and Maria Danielson – Sweden
  6. Playback and young people – Paul Mc Isaac, Baba Israel and Yako 440 – USA
  7. Meeting for new gifts – Olga Sanachina – Russia
  8. Peer to Peer: Playback and social change – Jaap Oostra, Sikko Cleveringa, Annebel Visser – Netherlands
  9. Age is only a number – Jacky van Leth and Edgard Geurink – Netherlands
  10. Gathering women together – Amanda Brown and Alison Fairlove – UK