Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Before contacting us with a question, please check these Frequently Asked Questions. Thank you!

If you have problems using the internet, ask a friend or relative to assist you.¬†ūüôā

I see registration is closed. Can I still register?

  • No.

I would like to come earlier or stay longer. Can you arrange that for me?

I did not receive two confirmation e-mails

  • Check your spam box first.
  • Only if you payed by PayPal you receive the confirmation e-mails automatically. If you payed in an other way, click here
  • Add eptg2014@gmail.com, info@eptg.eu, payments@eptg.eu and service@paypal.com to your address book.
  • When you finish the payment you first receive a confirmation e-mail by PayPal automatically. If you do not receive it, you need to contact PayPal by yourself.
  • When you finish the payment procedure by following the instructions on the website, you will automatically receive the confirmation e-mail from info@eptg.eu.

I payed (by PayPal) but did not finish the registration. What should I do?

  • Make sure you read the instructions carefully and take the time to fill out all the questions. If you have a slow internet connection it takes a few seconds for a page to load. Be patient. After clicking on a button or link, just wait. Then read carefully and only click one time and wait again… It sounds childish, but this is just how internet works……
  • You received an e-mail from PayPal with a transaction ID. You need this transaction ID during in the registration process.
    When you found the code you continue the registration here.

I payed (by PayPal) but I don’t see myself on the list of participants

  • Did you receive the two confirmation e-mails? If not, start reading from the top if this FAQ page.
  • You received the two e-mails. Did you finish the questionnaire? After finishing this questionnaire, you will be listed after about 10 minutes on the participants list.
  • If you selected the option to stay anonymous, you appear as an empty line.

I payed by bank. I did not use PayPal
(This only applies in special cases)

  • You will NOT¬†receive a confirmation e-mail. You need to finish registration here. (Make sure you read the instructions carefully).
  • After finishing the registration, you will ONLY see a confirmation on your screen. You will NOT receive an e-mail. So make sure you take the time to read every screen completely and don’t click to quickly!!!
  • About 10 minutes after finishing registration you¬†will be listed on the¬†participants¬†list.
  • If you selected the option to stay anonymous, you appear as an empty line.
  • In October you will receive more information by e-mail.

I have an other question about the payment I did

  • If you have any other question about a payment, make sure you provide all the information about the payment in your e-mail to joke@eptg.eu. You should at least mention the amount you payed, the date, all details of your bank account (including the name of the owner of the bank account) and forward as much as possible information that proof your payment, like a copy of the transaction confirmation.

Can I book a double or a private room in the Stayokay?

  • No. We try to keep our registration fee as low as possible. That means that we can’t offer private rooms.
    We do as much as we can to make you feel comfortable…. you can arrange your own roommates.

Can I get discount on my fee if I stay somewhere else?

  • No. Because the price is including all meals and use of the venue for the gathering. For this reason we could make a great deal with the sleeping facilities. But discounts are not possible.

Can I register for a Workshop?

  • Registration for ¬†Workshops is on the spot.

Can I stay longer or come earlier to the Stayokay?

Do you have suggestions for hotels in the neighborhood?

  • Amsterdam is quite a small city with an enormous amount of good hotels. So it is easy to find an hotel in the area. But this is Amsterdam, so it is not cheap… Just use Google, booking.com or whatever service you prefer. For a more romantic stay, have a look at the enormous amount of B&B’s in Amsterdam. Use Google, Airbnb or Wimdu to make your choice.

How is public transport in Amsterdam?

  • It is safe and clean. There are many trams and busses. But… be aware of pickpockets in public transport!¬†Information about public transport is on www.gvb.nl¬†

Where can I find more information about Amsterdam?

  • Go to www.iamsterdam.com. This is the official Amsterdam Tourist Board website. From there you can find (almost) all information you need.