Playback Theatre and Active Citizenship

Playback Theatre and Active Citizenship

Come and join!

During the 2014 Gathering in Amsterdam there will be lots of time to gather, play, sing and dance, drink, enjoy and have lots of fun together. We will also focus on the quality of Playback Theatre in the community by actors from the community.

Together we will explore our experiences and our opinions of this topic.

Many of us work with Playback Theatre not just FOR the people but WITH the people. So, how have our experiences been? What results have we found? Do we really make any changes? What can we learn from each other? We want to take time at this Gathering to explore and improve our work in this field.

In Holland and in a lot of other European countries we need to develop new ways to connect and mobilize people in their own neighborhoods. For people to become active and organize together whatever it is they need, instead of waiting for the council or the government to take care of their needs. In many countries, the government is stepping back and is being forced to cut down on projects that support positive qualities in everyday life. The personal involvement of people within their peer group or community is becoming more and more important.

Here is where Playback Theatre comes in. We believe that maybe Playback Theatre is a strong instrument to mobilize people, especially when peers are performing to peers. So we want to explore and improve the use of Playback Theatre as a tool for ACTIVE CITIZENSHIP.

Our question was: how can we measure and analyze the results and learn from them in a structured way? We have discovered a useful method: the project scan from CAL-XL, in answer to our question. It’s designer, Sikko Cleveringa, wants to work with us to co-create an application of this method that fits with Playback Theatre. Several groups will join us for an advance program using this method and transforming it into a framework which Playback Theatre fits in with. We will share the results of this exploration during the Gathering and use the method in the home groups. We are very exited about it and feel this could be a great help.

So, for some months before the Gathering we are inviting several groups in and outside Holland to acquire experience in this field – gathering research on the topic of Active Citizenship by doing Playback with a community group. Of course we will include some groups that already have a lot of experience in this field of work. Then during the Gathering we will share the results and the experiences of these groups in a playful and active way – doing Playback and gaining experience with CAL-XL. The home groups will be focusing on different topics that concern this way of working with Playback Theatre – for example, how to recruit actors, how to collaborate with civil servants, other officials or institutions and more….Please come and join us in this investigation. So we can make our work with Playback Theatre more effective.