On this page we would like to share short video’s and pictures of your Playback Theatre work. So send us what you want to share.

In the current issue of Interplay you will find articles of a number of home-group leaders: Paul Mc Isaac, Shirley Legum, Olga Sanachina and Ben Rivers

click here to read the interplay

click here to see the speeches on the first night:


This is a video from Veronica Needa about the True Heart Theatre:



This is video from Jo Salas in TEDex in 2011:


This is a video of the community group in Amsterdam North that Wendela started in 2011: Erbij Horen (Belonging) 



This video is from Bulgaria, sent by Tzveta Sokolova


We hope to share more pictures and video’s from other community projects at this page or on Facebook. So please send us what you like to share.